WriteSearch Content

 What is the WriteSearch Crawler?

The WriteSearch Crawler is a small program that we use to index writing related websites for inclusion in our search results. The websites that are added to our writing related search engine are either sites we feel would benefit our visitors or sites that have been directly submitted by our visitors via our submit a site form. The addition of a website into the WriteSearch database is a manual process by design.

Why is the WriteSearch Crawler scanning my website?

We continually index select writing related websites in order to include as many quality websites in our search results as possible. Although you may happen to see the WriteSearch Crawler agent in your website logs, rest assured that the WriteSearch Crawler obeys the robots.txt exclusion standard.

Where do you get the content on WriteSearch?

The content we post is chosen from various publishers based on our perceived value of the information. Our pool of news, articles, software, jobs, events, contests, and press releases comes from writing related keyword searches as well as from direct user and publisher submissions. All words and images are the property of their respective owners. If you have a writing contest, event, or free/trial author software that has not yet been included on our site, please let us know via our contact form.

What if I don’t want my website pages or news content on WriteSearch?

All requests for site index omission and/or content removal from any domain represented here at WriteSearch will be honored. We feel that as writers, the wishes of the site/content owner or author are extremely important and will supercede fair use here at WriteSearch.com. For all such inquiries, please write to us via our contact form.